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Pride and Prejudice

             2a) A theme expressed in Pride and Prejudice is pride and prejudice itself. Both pride and prejudice stand in the way of relationships, as illustrated by Darcy and Elizabeth. Pride leads to narrow-mindedness while prejudice leads to false perceptions of others. Darcy's pride and Elizabeth's prejudice prevent them from understanding each other and keep them apart. They find happiness in each other only when Darcy becomes more humble and Elizabeth becomes more accepting.
             2b) Readers today can certainly relate to the theme of pride and prejudice. Society today is divided into different social classes: high, average and low. Those of higher social status are generally unaccepting of the lower social classes. Young adolescents, for example, are looked down upon for not having the newest and most expensive pair of tennis shoes. The human tendency to judge those below us will continue until the end of time.
             2c) The most important word that appears in Pride and Prejudice is .
             "love" (p 82). Through her novel, Jane Austen shows that love is the greatest pleasure as well as the greatest pain, and that love can overcome any obstacle. The reader is able to see that although Jane, Elizabeth, Bingley and Darcy go through periods of loneliness and separation, there is undoubtedly much love between the two couples. Fate plays its role, reuniting Elizabeth with Darcy, and Jane with Bingley, allowing both couples to freely express their love for each other. .
             The most important passage that appears in Pride and Prejudice is "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife" (p 1). This sentence presents a basic overview of the entire plot. Pride and Prejudice is a story about young women looking to find marriage. Because the Bennet sisters will not be able to inherit Longbourn Estates, they seek good men who will be able to take care of them after their father dies.

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