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Indian Camp Outline Essay

            The short story Indian Camp is about a young boy who goes with his father to experience what he does for a living as a doctor. In the process of the father bringing his son Nick with him to help with a woman give birth; Nick learns that there’s more hardships to life than he ever thought possible. And on top of all this no one is prepared for the unexpected plot-twist that occurs towards the end of the story.
             The remarks and actions of each character within the story help define who they are. It also revealed their personalities. I found the characters within the story to be very believable. For example, Nick’s father was a doctor who remained calm and helpful even in the toughest of times, just like any doctor would. He was a man of unmistakable courage in the face of adversity. Nick was the curious son who was trying to understand what was going on around him in very strange circumstances. And just like any other child he believed in his father but wanted to know what was happening and why. The believable characters in the story make Indian Camp realistic to the reader. .
             The plot of Indian Camp involved both heroism and tragedy. The plot speaks of those difficulties of life and dealing with them. An example of this would be when Nick first witnessed a mother giving birth to a child. His father was the model of calm and composure while Nick dreaded what was to follow. The dialog between Nick and his father was filled with life lessons and was somewhat predictable until the end. The surprising twist involved one man’s inability to cope with the hardship endured by his wife. It wasn’t until after the birth of the child that Nick’s father revealed shockingly that her husband had killed himself in apparent anguish. Although this event was quite random it worked to symbolize the difference in mans ability to cope with hardship. For this reason Indian Camp turned out to be a very interesting story amidst unusual plot-twists.