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The Call of the Wild - The Journey of Buck

            and I love that man like he is my master.
             Jack London's "The Call of the Wild" (1903), is the story of Buck, a St. Bernard- Scotch Collie mix, and the abuse and hardships he suffers in the care of his various owners. Throughout his life, Buck's owners abuse him until the day he meets John Thornton. Buck's interaction with John is based on several factors including his past owners and the abuse he went through. However, these factors contribute to whether Buck truly loved John and was grateful for the life he gave him or he was just repaying him for saving his life. Despite the relationship that London displayed in the novel, which was portrayed as of a man and his dog after the hardships endured by Buck, the subsequent events and actions of Buck raise questions as to whether Buck's feelings towards John were sincere. .
             Buck's time with Judge Miller is his least stressful period in the entire novel. At Judge Miller's, Buck was pampered and never worried about his next meal or shelter. At the Judge's home, Buck is treated as royalty. Despite there being other dogs, Buck was above them all. Many dogs "came and went, resided in the populous kennels, or lived obscurely in the recesses of the house", mainly different varieties of dogs" (London, 1). Buck was surrounded by fox terriers that would howl and threaten the maids, showing that he was truly a domesticated dog. However, it is made clear that he is neither "a house dog nor kennel dog" and the "whole realm was his" (London, 1). Although Buck is safe and comfortable in in his life with Judge Miller, he has very little power in his life.
             This royal treatment is a result of Buck's father, Judge Miller's former dog and trusted companion. Buck had chosen to follow in his father's footsteps to be with Judge Miller, and was more than just a dog to the Millers. Based on London's writing style, it can be assumed that Buck was a bodyguard to the family.

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