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The Call of the Wild

             Have you ever felt like you could not go on any longer? Have you ever felt you were being dragged into savage and all the bright things in your life were suddenly being changed to darkness? In The Call of the Wild, a twisting novel by Jack London, the author uses the main character's experiences to show how his living from civilized shifted to the dark and gloomy savage. .
             In chapter one, Buck lived with his owner in a positive, well balanced, environment, it was described in the novel as " good living and universal respect ," which simply means a lifestyle that is very good, almost perfect. " The whole realm was his- Buck, in his original home, felt like his own person: a ruler and in power. As the story continued, this changed quickly and painfully.
             In chapter two, it states Buck got jerked from the heart of civilization. This happens as the "guy in the red sweater" dogknapps Buck. He is suddenly taken from civilization and is quickly headed toward a long journey into savage.
             As the story went on, the text stated many times that Buck was worn out, hungry, in pain, and to top it off, he was getting beaten. Buck was introduced into a whole new world. This world was drudgery. .
             As Buck continues to head toward savage, he is showed something that he had not been showed in a long time: love. John Thorton took him deeper into the wilderness. Later, John Thorton died and his death broke the tie with civilization. From the moment John Thorton died, Buck never witnessed anything civil, which made him even wilder and withdrawled. .
             From the time Buck was all snuggled in his Sunkist home through the time he was captured and threatened toward salvage, Buck hung through his hard times. In The Call of the Wild, Jack London used many shifts to show this trace from civilized to salvage, and because he did, this novel was interesting and unpredictable.

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