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Love in "The Wild Duck"

             I found the story "The Wild Duck" to be very interesting. It portrays different views of love as wall as betrayal toward so called loved ones. Love should be unconditional. In the story of "The Wild Duck" there are many conditions that put the fate of love to the test.
             The love of Halimar and Gina was tested when he discovered that Gina had engaged in sexual relations in the past with his father. That event put a lot of stress on him. Then if that weren't enough Halimar later discovers that Hedvig may not be his child. That event is what causes Halimar to go over the top. He began to act manic depressant and acts as if he wants to separate himself from his family.
             Love is built from trust. Gina should have been truthful to Halimar if she loved him. I also agree that some subjects are better if they are left in the past, but those that involve love should not. I would have become angry also if someone that I loved had kept such a disturbing secret from me. It is very important to be truthful to someone you love. Gina was not truthful to Halimar, which destroyed their relationship. .
             Hedvig's love was unconditional unlike her parents. In the story she was portrayed as a normal adolescence girl even though she wasn't yet aware of the events that were taking place. She didn't understand why her father was acting as if he were troubled by something. When her father found out that there was a chance of hedvig not being his child he went insane. He then made a very ignorant choice. He decided to separate himself from Hedvig and Gina. When Hedvig discovered what was going on she felt like her father no longer loved her. She couldn't cope with the fact that the man that she knew as her father denied his love for her. Hedvig than killed the duck and committed suicide.
             I believe that the actions she took by killing the duck and herself were based on sacrifice and revenge.
             By shooting the duck she was conveying to her father that she was willing to give something she loved to express her unconditional love for him.

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