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Popular Rock Groups

            Over the years, there have been many popular rock groups and musicians who have famous for being sensational in appearance and in presentation. A new era of flashy and overly produced music was gloriously ushered in. The beginning of the 1970's has provided the rock and roll industry with a visual gift. The on going gift of flashy, simply sensational, over performing artists who can actually perform music, has been bestowed upon us. A new look, a new sound has emerged. This has taken over the spot light from previous more traditional artists. Musical artists with talent equal to or greater than their sensational appearance, and show stopping performances they deliver. Performing artists and rock groups such as Aerosmith, Elton John and Poison, have ushered us into a new era of flashy, over produced, eye popping appearances and screaming musical talents. There is no shame it their appearance because their performance equals or exceeds the expressive looks. .
             In the 1970's a new type of musical performance emerged. It transformed the industry from the simple sounds of the 1960's into a loud, flashy and visually exciting sound and performance of the 1970's. The feathered locks of the Bee Gee's and the large and long hair of Cher were still in fashion, but something much larger, much louder was making its way into the music industry. His name was Elton John. Elton John was, and still is, an extreme abundance of talent packed into one small fabulously flamboyant package. .
             From the beginning of his career, Elton John was not afraid to express himself through costume during his performances. Outlandish costumes that no one in the industry had thought of, much less imagined wearing in public. Elton wore the most random and off the wall costumes that usually included rather large matching glasses. The styles usually consisted of glitter, rhinestones and sequins. At times, all of the above were used in a single costume.

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