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the call of the wild

             This book is called The Call of the Wild and is written by Jack London. First, the book takes place in California. However, for the majority of the book, it takes place in Alaska during the Alaskan gold rush. .
             The main characters in this book are Buck, Spitz, Francois, Perrault and John Thornton. Buck was a dog who was stolen from his California home to become a sled dog during the Alaskan gold rush. Buck had passed through many owners and learned how to live in the wild. Spitz was on Buck's sled team and he and Buck fought constantly. They were bitter enemies until Buck finally killed Spitz and he lost his place as leader. Francois and Perrault drove Buck's sled team together before they sold them to an incompetent man named Hal. They turned Buck into a sled dog for the Canadian government. John Thornton saved Buck from his last lazy owner, Hal. He adopted Buck and became his final owner. .
             Buck lived happily in California with this owner, Judge Miller. He was stolen from his home to become a sled dog during the Alaskan gold rush. After he experienced a dog friend's death as she was brutally beaten, he was sold to two men named Francois and Perrault. Perrault and Francois had a team of sled dogs whom they made run many miles as the dogs became tired and hungry. On this team, Buck finds himself making friends and enemies. His most bitter rival was a dog named Spitz who was the leader of the team. After many fights, Buck killed Spitz and claimed his spot as leader. He proved himself to be a great leader and a wonderful sled dog.
             The most important part in this story leads to the conclusion. The team is sold to a lazy owner named Hal with no experience. Hal didn't know hot to treat the dogs as he abused them, starved them, and wore them out. When Buck was at the point of death, a man by the name of John Thornton rescued him. He adopted Buck as a pet and sled dog. Tragically, John was killed and Buck's last attachments to man were diminished.

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