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CAll of the Wild

             "Call of the Wild" is one of the most poetic books I have ever read. Usually, you read either prose or poetry, but this book combines them both into something beautiful. Jack London, the books" author, uses descriptive language and poetic elements to enhance your outlook on the book. Descriptive adjectives, metaphors, and other poetic themes are also rolled up into one great package named "Call of the Wild." Once you start reading this book, you almost can't put it down because the mix of poetry and prose is something unbelievable. A fusion of the two styles of writing. .
             In Chapter 5 of the "Call of the Wild", Jack London shows, and doesn't tell you about the beautiful spring weather that Buck and the rest of the characters are traveling through. "From every hill slope came the trickle of running water, the music of unseen fountains." That is just one example of the hybrid blend of 2 writing elements. The striking and vivid almost awed me, and this one particular passage stuck out like a sore thumb.
             Personification, sensory images, similes, etc. are all factors in this beautiful writing. Without these types of poetry, "Call of the Wild" would not be what it is today. Jack London did a stunning job using them, and I"m pretty sure someone could not duplicate this feat. The author also uses a broad vocabulary, much of it from the late 1800's to the early 1900's. That fact alone adds another deeper level of understanding to this book, it also adds in realism to the setting, as it is set in the Alaskan Klondike years. Sensory Images also have a role in all this too, as they are the show in "show, don't tell." .
             Jack London has done a great job with this book, and I appreciate that very much. To tell the truth, it was a very inspirational piece for me, and I will always appreciate the "Call of the Wild." I believe it is a classic, and will never forget. If I have a family somewhere down the twisted dimension of time, I will have them read this book.

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