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Great American Writer - Jack London

            There is no questioning Jack London's unique writing style that is hardly matched by authors; a piece written by London stands out in a way that restricts people from being able to ask if London wrote the book (Cooper 253). The reader can clearly depict London's works out just by the general style shared between books (Cooper 253). Not all of London's works made the greatest hit's list; in fact, a few of his books are described as terrible, but even in these novels a reader may stumble upon a sliver of vibrant rays of life (Mencken 257). These little reminders to prove London left something other than a lust for wealth in his writings (Sinclair 257). However, the greed was a present characteristic behind the famed author; the avarice was delicately placed in his soul as a result of London's early taste of financial and social predicament (Mencken 258). The deadly concoction of greed and alcohol committed London to a life of getting half-finished books published and writing at a consistent thousand words a day-a duty that will drive his sanity towards its ultimate demise (Mencken 258). .
             Becoming one of America's most significant writers is not something Jack London woke up one day and became; his life is the sole factor describing how he rose to his level of renowned expertise (Foner 225). After grammar school, London abandoned hopes of a high school education because of his family's financial circumstances. Instead, he began to work at a local cannery to help support his family (Niemi 470). Jack London's slave driven experience in the factory served for inspiration in his story, The Apostate, which is a story geared towards the dehumanization he endured while at work. "He did not walk like a man. He did not look like a man. He was a travesty of the human. It was a twisted and stunted and nameless piece of life that shambled like a sickly ape, arms loose-hanging, stoop-shouldered, narrow-chested, grotesque and terrible" (Niemi 470).

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