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1914-1945 Research

            Hemingway, Mondrian, and the New Deal: all of these are related in one way or another. They all deal with some of the greatest people in world history. Hemingway was, and still is, described as the greatest and most influential writer in history; Mondrian invented a lot of new artistic styles, such as Neo- Plasticism; and FDR he was one of the greatest, if not the greatest president of U.S. These people changed the way people live and view the world today. Hemingway, FDR, and Mondrian lived during few of the hardest years in history of the world. Both of the World Wars influenced these people's work and ideas. They are the people that make the new generation realize the hard times that had happened in history and what happens to people when they are exposed to wars and destruction.
             If anyone could be described as being larger-than-life American writer, Ernest Hemingway could. He was born in 1899, as Ernest Miller Hemingway, in Oak Park, Illinois. Raised in an upper middle class upbringing, his father was a physician and his mother had trained as a singer. The family spend summers in Michigan, were Ernest became a great lover of the outdoors. This love of the nature remained with him all his life. When Ernest graduated High School, his uncle helped him land a job as a reporter on the Kansas City Star. He never attended college. Ernest only stayed at the Star for about six months. Unable to enlist in the armed forces, due to an eyesight problem, Ernest volunteered to drive ambulances for the American Red Cross in Italy. During his time in Italy, Hemingway was seriously wounded in the legs and feet by shrapnel. He was eventually taken to the Red Cross Hospital in Milan, where he spent part of the summer and fall of 1918. While in the hospital, Ernest fell in love with a nurse, but their love affair came to an immediate end, when she walked out on him, for an Italian officer.

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