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Stem Cell Research

            Stem cell research is a very controversial issue that many people disagree about. Federal funding will help advance the research and may cure some diseases. Some other people believe that the research kills embryos and that the federal government shouldn't fund research because of that fact. Stem cells are cells that can be taken embryos, aborted fetuses, and human adults (Update 330). Scientists argue that the cells from a five-day old embryo called a blastocyst have the best stem cells for their research (Update 329). A blastocyst is a "hollow ball of cells" that are in two layers. The placenta and fetus is formed out of the outer cells. The inner cells are what scientists use for research. These cells are referred to as being "pluripotent" (Update 330). They are called this because they are able to become any cell in the body and could be used to grow hearts and livers (Begley 26). Federal funding for the research will help because the research will be more accurate. If there was no funding than private institutions would do the research and the results might not be shared or could be corrupted. The funding will help improve the lives of the living rather than a possible life. Also the research uses embryos that would have been thrown out. .
             My stand on this issue is that federal funding should be allowed because of the fact that it would improve the lives of the living. In 1996 Congress banned federal funds from being used for research of human embryos but recent developments in the research have many policy makers calling for federal funding (Update 329-330). President George W. Bush has said that there will be federal funding for stem cell lines that were already created but will not give federal funding for the creation of any new stem cell lines (Update 330). .
             People on both sides of the argument looked at the president's decision as a compromise. Also the decision has many researchers looking in other areas for good stem cells.

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