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Literature by Jack London

             1900 The Son of the Wolf This book centers on the exploits of Malemute Kid, who dispenses crude but unerring justice through his cunning understanding of the people of this raw frontier territory. The stories tell of gambles won and lost, of endurance and sacrifice, and often turn on the unsuspected qualities of exceptional women and on the complex relations between the white adventurers and the native tribes.
             1901 The God of His Fathers.
             1902 Children of the Frost .
             1902 The Cruise of the Dazzle These are tales of high adventure drawn on Jack London's own experiences as a youth sailing on San Francisco Bay where he gained a deserved reputation as a fearless highly skilled sailor. With this book and "Tales of the Fish Patrol", additional stories of life and drama on the Bay, an exciting view of San Francisco's history is presented by one of America's great writers and storytellers.
             1902 A Daughter of the Snows London's first full-length novel, first published in 1902, A Daughter of the Snows highlights the author's extraordinary gift for conveying the perils and raw living of the frozen North during the gold-rush days while illustrating the code men lived by when there was no law to guide or restrain them - that of loyally and fearlessness.
             1903 The Kempton-Wace Letters.
             1903 The Call of the Wild "The Call of the Wild - Dog of the Yukon" is a classic adventure of love, loyalty and survival of the fittest. This novel is about a dog and a miner who explore the Great North. Gold fever is raging in the Yukon when Buck, the dog, is stolen and sold to a miner to pull his sled of dogs. Life within the dog pack is harsh and lonely for Buck until he is traded to John Thornton, a kind man who becomes not just his master, but also Buck's best friend. In their struggle to survive, the bond between Buck and Thornton is sealed when each saves each other's life. But as Buck gets older, his natural instincts grow stronger.

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