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bridget jones

             The play was writen by Oscar Fingal O'Flaherty Wills Wilde (October 16, 1854 - November 30, 1900), who was an Irish author.
             Wilde studied the classics at Trinity College, Dublin, with distinction (from 1871 to 1874), and at the Magdalen College in Oxford, (1874-1878).He wrote "The importance of being Earnest- in 1985.
             "The importance of being Earnest- can be regraded as a comedy although it has more serious and dramatics themes.
             In the play nine actors take part:.
             John "Jack" Worthing: Jack is the play's protagonist; he is the most sympathetic, plausible character, whose love for Gwendolen is far more believable than the other desires we witness. He was found in a handbag on a railway line, and as such feels less at home in aristocratic society than does Algernon. He lives in the country but has invented a wicked brother named "Ernest" whose scrapes require Jack's attendance in the city. .
             Algernon Moncrieff: Algernon, the foil to Jack, is the epitome of hedonism, a wit who scores the best of Wilde's biting lines and who cannot resist indulging in all life's luxuries. He has created a friend named Bunbury whose status as a permanent invalid allows Algernon to leave the city whenever he pleases. He believes this activity, "Bunburying," is necessary, especially if one is going to get married ┬╣something he vows never to do. .
             Lady Bracknell: Lady Bracknell is the major antagonist in the play, blocking both potential marriages. She embodies all the classist Victorian beliefs; she does not allow Gwendolen to marry Jack when she finds out he was an orphan, and she dislikes Cecily as a mate for her nephew Algernon until she learns Cecily is quite rich. But she is also a remarkable character, doling out a seemingly endless supply of epigrams that mock the Victorian society in which she takes part. .
             Gwendolen Fairfax: Gwendolen is Lady Bracknell's daughter, and is the object of Jack's romantic advances.

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