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Bridget Jone's Diary

             There are many important sections in this novel Bridget Jones's Diary along with important scenes that should have been in the movie but were drastically cut. Bridget's friends in general are important as any friend is to another. But when the editors decided to make this novel into a movie they must have decided that Bridget's homosexual friend just wasn't as important to a movie as he was to a novel. In the movie the relationship between Tom and Bridget is drastically downplayed. Throughout the entire novel Tom was Bridget's confidant as Bridget was for him in troubled times. .
             Tom is excited by the fact that Bridget has finally made progress with Daniel. Bridget states in the novel that "[Tom] has been sweetly supportive about the Daniel crisis." After Bridget tells Tom that she is expecting a call from Daniel soon he phones her later that night to see if she had had any luck. Tom makes a comment to Bridget about homosexual's and thirty year old woman and how they bond naturally " both being accustomed to disappointing their parents and being treated as freaks by society." The problem I see with this is that it was never shown in the movie or even mentioned. During the movie they didn't even show Bridget telling Tom that her and Daniel were planning to get together. I feel that having Bridget seeing Daniel would be a major topic of discussion between her, her female friends and Tom. This scene would have made the book closer relate to the novel.
             Daniel attempts to shag Bridget on there date but Bridget immediately withdraws from the moment when Daniel gives her a really cheesy male line. Daniel tells her that he wants to shag her but doesn't want to date her. So she walks out. Not to long after this she tells the story to Tome and he wants her to ignore Daniel and every time she is tempted to talk to him she is supposed to repeat "Aloof, unavailable ice-queen; Aloof, unavailable ice-queen.

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