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Ad Analysis

             Max Factor is known for their bold advertising using beautiful women with flawless faces. Their full-page color ad in this month's Glamour magazine is no different. The use of sex appeal, color, and text are what make this another effective make-up ad. The creators of this advertisement were trying to convince readers that Lipfinity Lustre will give them the lips they"ve always wanted.
             The brightest and most decisive part of the ad are the model's lips. They chose a beautiful woman with great lips and impeccable make-up to entice you to buy Max Factor's newest lipstick. Her full, sexy, flawless lips are what first grabs your attention when flipping through the magazine. You cannot help but stare at the bold, shiny, pink lips that match her drink perfectly. The sultry look in her eyes and the way she is sucking on the straw suggests that she feels sexy wearing the lipstick. The photo is positioned to the left of the page, with text to the right. It was placed there because it is on the inside seam of the magazine and puts it in the center of the two pages, once again drawing the reader to look at the fabulous lipstick. .
             It is clear that the photographer used light and colors to enhance the importance of the lipstick in the ad. The placement of lights in the studio illuminate her lips and face. The gleam on her cheeks leads your eye to her lips once again. Her head is tilted just right so the left side of her face is slightly shadowed. Using shadowing this way keeps the reader's focus on her lips, not her entire face. This is yet another way the photographer brings your focus to the lipstick. The sparkle on the rim of the glass once again leads the eye to her lips. Everything in the picture draws you to her lips on the center of the page.
             To help convince you to buy this lipstick they incorporated text into the advertisement. Written on the model's forehead is the slogan, "At last, a sparkling lipstick that lasts.

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