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Ad Analysis

            The advertisement of hard alcohol is not permitted on television. Therefore, it is very important for liquor companies to use alternative forms of media to promote their products. Many liquor companies such as Baccardi, Smirnoff, and Jack Daniel's now offer malt beverages that they may advertise on television. These drinks not only add as an additional source of revenue, but support the sales of the companies" other products. Although that method works well to spread the name of the liquor companies, many prefer to rely mainly on print ads that directly endorse their products. The Jack Daniel's Liquor Company placed an ad for its famous whiskey on the back inside cover of the September 8, 2003 issue of Sports Illustrated. .
             The advertisement pictures a bottle of whiskey standing stoutly on the bar of a golf course. The lens if focused directly on the bottle so that the reader can easily recognize the "Old No. 7 Brand" whiskey above all else in the room. Underneath the picture of the bar scene is a line of text that reads, "Guaranteed to improve your next round. In the clubhouse, anyway." Beneath the text box lies another scene. A golf ball is apparently abandoned half-submersed in water because the players have chosen to go into the clubhouse for a drink.
             Similar to any other advertisement in Sports Illustrated, this ad is meant to appeal to young to middle-aged men who enjoy sports. In this case Jack Daniel's identifies with these men by using the game of golf as part of its ad. Anyone who has played golf before .
             knows how it feels to shoot a bad round. In this case Jack Daniel's plays on that concept to encourage the consumption of its beverage in the clubhouse after having a bad round out on the course.
             When advertising, Jack Daniel's has a distinct advantage that many other companies also share. Jack Daniel's is so popular that it can establish its ethos by merely displaying a bottle of whiskey.

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