Analysis of The Gettysburg Address

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Abraham Lincoln's epic speech, "The Gettysburg Address  is a seamless example of how an orator can use literary technique to convey an evocative message. Lincoln appeals to the hearts and emotions of the American audience to convince them to share a common goal. This goal was the preservation of a united country and new birth of freedom. Lincoln supplies supporting evidence for his purpose and backs this evidence using eloquent language, appropriate diction, and parallelism. This style and successful use of literary method creates an almost poetic quality to Lincoln's classic syllogism.

Abraham Lincoln's primary goal in his speech is to try and motivate the audience to dedicate themselves to saving their nation. His support for this argument comes from the nation's history, current conflict, and future destiny. Lincoln refers to the war as a test of the Union's endurance, while the task of preserving it still remains unfinished. Because the nation is dedicated to the proposition that all men are

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