Lord of the flies: human are potentially evil

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Evil, is an inborn predisposition that lurks within humans. One may think, ¡ §A newly born baby isn ¡ ¦t evil. It ¡ ¦s the most innocent and pure creature. ¡ However, all humans are constitutionally evil, regardless age or gender. The only difference between a baby and an adult is that a baby simply hasn ¡ ¦t uncover the evil, while adult, knowing the potential evil, is trying to restraint it. Human ¡ ¦s vile urges are repressed by the rules of our civilization. The rules give us the sense of right and wrong, which furthermore distinguish evil from our lives. Consider this question: if evil doesn ¡ ¦t exist, are rules necessary?

Imagine an ¡ §innocent ¡ baby who is raised with only the basic needs of survival: food, shelter and physical requirements. The baby knows nothing about what is right or wrong, because we intentionally neglect the tuition for the baby. As a result the baby lives on congenital instincts. Once the baby is capable of moving and walking without any aid, we hold out objects that attract the baby ¡ ¦s attention. Predictably, the baby will come and snatch objects he likes without any regard of whose is it. No one has taught the baby to seize, nor

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