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Analyze LOTF

             Lord of the Flies is one of those unusual movies that are at risk to several levels of interpretation and analysis. It has this characteristic because it deals honestly and deeply with human beings under stress. Through its representation of human beings and human problems, this movie shows important aspects of human behavior and human relations. .
             The whole movie is symbolic in nature. The movie purpose was to serve as a warning of man's potential for brutality to his fellow man. Concerns throughout the movie is not so much with man in relation to society as with man in relation to the universe and himself, in essence, the problem of the human soul and salvation. The movie characters were positioned in a primitive situation where the immediate problem is that of survival. .
             The beast is the most important symbol in the movie. It represents the ability for evil that is in all human beings. In other words, the boys fear what is in fact themselves. They have created the subject of their fears. The boys, even when Jack leads them, are able to maintain their lives on a physical basis, but they live in fear and without grace, and so finally slip into the most corrupted form of cruel behavior. The movie has been known to show over and over again that human beings are capable of intense evil, as a result of their own natures and not because of any outside aspects. It examines the different ways of how a group has been developed, and shows the imperfection of each. .
             An evolutionary psychologist probably would say that this movie is very interesting in terms of how the boys evolved and adapted to their environment. They probably would say that the boys were all competing for survival. Because they were human beings, they didn't really know how to live in an uncivilized place. They were modern boys from big cities.
             Gender was a big factor in the movie. Boys take pride in everything that they do and by this it changed the boys behavior in great depth.

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