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Lord Of The Flies

            LOTF - What Do We Learn About Jack From The First Five Chapters Of The Novel?.
             We are shown at the start of the novel that there are a group of boys abandoned on a tropical island. They try to adapt to their new island and they try to adapt to their new island but it seems difficult for them.
             We are introduced to Jack when Ralph blows the conch to call his first assembly and the first impression we are given of Jack is of "a black, bat-like creature." (p25). This suggests how Jack's shadow actually represents the evil and darkness within him because the bat is normally associated with the night and the devil. So from the beginning Golding shows us how the presence of evil is in Jack.
             Jack contrasts physically with Ralph with Jacks" red hair and Ralph's fair hair, but Jack is described as being "ugly without silliness" (p27). This suggests to us that he is not as handsome as Ralph and I believe that the red hair symbolises a fiery rage that Jack has within him. As Jack is first seen it seems that he is a dominant leader of the choir and orders them in a militaristic way, "the boy who controlled them." (p26). This gives us a view of Jack as an authoritarian figure that maybe enjoys being in charge, from this we see him as a natural leader.
             In the assemblies Jack seems to stamp his authority by being aggressive but also making fun of people, "you"re talking too much shut up fatty!" (p28). This shows how he is rather self-centred and only wants to be popular even if it means insulting Piggy. He may be attacking Piggy because of his weight and not Ralph because he has not got any outstanding features which makes Piggy an easier target.
             He claims to be chief from early on and uses the ability to sing C sharp as a reason for election; "I ought to be chief." (p29). This proves how he tries to claim status so that he can continue being in charge as he is used to. We are also shown the embarrassment that comes over Jack when Ralph is elected chief rather than Jack; "the freckles on Jack's face disappeared under a blush of mortification.

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