Egypt vs. mesopotamia

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Although Mesopotamia and Egypt are similar in many senses, they also have many distnctive differences. They both have many different ways of expressing themselves in art form, such as Cuneiform (Mesopotamia) and Hieroglyphics (Egypt). While Mesopotamia's people followed The Code of Hammurabi as their guide to the law, ancient Egypt used their famous Pharoah/Kingship method to govern their land. Many famous books that are still studied and analyzed come from these two countries such as Gilgamesh (Mesopotamia) and The Book of the Dead (Egypt). These topics will be further analyzed below.

Mesopotamia was a very well-developed civilization. They verbalize themselves artistically with what is called Cuneiform writing. The government officials declared that a way of transcribing records had to be made, and so they created a simple pictographic writing (Cuneiform). This form of art is much like Hieroglyphics, which is what probably inspired Egypt to form that kind of writing. The main structure of government the Mesopotamians followed was The Code of Hammurabi. As a king, Hammurabi created numerous changes that ameliora

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