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Life in the 60

             I decided to interview my father because I had already known that he had some personal experiences with the 60’s and would be interesting to talk to. My father lived with both of his parents, and sister in LA and strongly remembers many situations in the 60’s that have changed him forever.
             My father used the example of televisions shows to describe how the century changed and how he changed with it. He explained it as Leave it Beaver to Roseanne. He believed that he was at the age where he was changing in his life during adolescence but understood that the 60’s added to it. He believed that the world went from conservative to a crazy party time with free love, drinking and drugs.
             Looking back at the 60’s seemed to be eventful from bad to good. My father changed for the positive and understood that some of the events that were occurring in the world were for the better. He understood the positives of space exploration, walking on the moon and the technology advances that we got from that. He also believed that music changed for the better and he really appreciates the artists that came about and how they changed the industry.
             Some things about the 60’s that were upset to my father was the idea of media and politicians. My father liked the days of respecting the President and politicians and had complete trust in them to make the right decision for the country. He was really upset that the media was too involved with these people’s personal lives and everything that they do. The countries faith was put on their shoulders, and we just trusted them without really questioning their motives on all their actions.
             I went into the interview believing that it would take no longer than ten minutes and the questions would be answered pretty quickly. My father actually gave me more information that I had originally thought and we ended up taking about an hour talking about each of the ten questions.