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Robert Browning

             Robert Browning was born on May 7,1812. He was born in the city of Camberwell
             England. He grew up in a house with 6000 books in it. The books were in several
             different languages such as Greek, Hebrew, Latin, French, Italian, and Spanish. Robert
             Browning was a very good reader by age5. Most of his education came from his well
             read father. Robert Browning was a bright and anxious boy he learned Latin, Greek, and
             French by the time he was fourteen years old.
             While browning was growing up he became an admiror of Elizabeth's Barretts poetry.
             Around the time of 1844. He began speaking to her by letter. Their courtship was the start
             Of one of the worlds most famous romances. This lasted until. 1846 when they finally
             agreed to meet. They soon married against her father's wishes. They then moved together
             In Pisa and Florence they had a son "Pen  Browning in 1849, the same year his collected
             poems were published. Elizabeth inspired Brownings collection of poems Men and
             Women in (1855), which he dedicated to her. Most of there 15 year marriage was spent
             mostly in Italy because the warm climate helped with Elizabeth's lung condition.
             Elizabeth Barrett Browning later died in 1861.
             Robert Browning did not mostly become famous until after his wife died. Before then he
             was mostly known as Elizabeth Barrett's husband. He returned to London after his wife's
             death where he spent his entire life before he married Elizabeth Barrett and the rest of his
             life after her death. Wile in London Browning went on to publish Dramatis
             Personae (1863), and The Ring and the Book (1868) which finally became popular and
             earned respect in Browning's carrer. The Browning society was founded while he was
             still alive in 1881, and he was rewarded honorary degrees by Oxford University in 1882

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