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             Many families in the United States have pets. One of the most popular pets is the dog. In a way, dogs are just like babies. Both require a lot of time and money from their owners. If you own a puppy, you will know that when they are newborns and separated from their mother recently, they cry the whole night, just as babies do when they can’t talk and they are hungry. This sometimes leads to a problem in both cases. When you hear a baby crying, you have several possibilities: either the baby is hungry, feels sick, or needs a diaper change. But dogs will not stop howling for at least one week. With dogs, you don’t need to take as many cares as you do with babies. To feed a young puppy, all you have to do is pour some milk into a bowl and water in another. When he is hungry he will go and eat; however, to feed a baby you have to clean the dispensers, boil the milk, and sterilize the containers. .
             There are also many differences between them; a baby is only speechless for 18 months average, while a dog will never be able to speak human language. Ordinary dogs will never be more than tools used to complete a task; however, a baby can become the general manager or executive director of an organization. Babies are considered a lot more important in society than dogs, because dogs will not make the human race go on. However, babies will carry on our heritage and make human life continue. Dogs will never be productive members of the family unless trained otherwise, but they will be expenses for their owners. However, most of the babies will be productive members of society. .
             The babies and the dogs have different advantages and disadvantages. The dogs are a lot cheaper than babies, and their delivery is not as painful for human beings as a baby’s would be. However, it takes a lot more training to make a dog have some of the abilities or talents a human being will develop over a shorter time.