The Picture of Dorian Gray

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Dorian Gray, the beautiful, talented, charming young man, has managed to capture the hearts of both men and women alike during nineteenth-century England. His incredible purity has attracted Lord Henry Wotton, who vies for his attention with Basil Hallward, a trusting and gentle artist. Basil, having poured his soul into a wonderful portrait of Dorian, resents the recent closeness between Lord Henry and the boy. The portrait that Basil did of Dorian turned out marvelously; it was almost a perfect likeness. In a heated moment, Dorian wishes that his portrait bear the suffering for his sins. He realizes that his fervent wish came true when his fiancée “ actress Sybil Vane “ kills herself. As time progresses, Dorian realizes that his portrait becomes more and more hideous, bearing the burden of age and wrongdoing while he remains young and carefree.

Dorian continues his glorious lifestyle, making friends, causing trouble, and passing his time at Opium bars or clubs, not caring who he hurts. Eventually, the burden of his horrible secret becomes too much for him to bear, and he shows B

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