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Shyness is a term that helps us to image one's characteristic. This term is used for people who are compelled in constructing a social conversation with others or taking a role in the sociological environment. Among all of these explanations, some people think that shyness is a congenital characteristic. Opposite to these opinions, shyness is a not a genetic property of an individual. Every person has a hidden shyness in him. First of all, we should make the shyness' meaning to understand the whole subject clearly. Shyness can be examined among the children to understand its origin, different situations can be studied in order to understand its reasons, and the stages of conversation can be examined to understand the difference between the shy and self-confident people.

First of all, in order to comprehend the shyness as a term, we should examine its meaning more specifically. According to Philip Manning, George Ray (1993) and Martin S. Weinberg (1968), shyness is a temporary emotional reaction that is begun by a social interaction, an inclination to feel tense, and worried or lacking self-confidence (Manning & Ray, 1993; Weinberg, 1968).

As a second step, in order to understand that shyness is not a g

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