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Shy to Confidence

            After my car accident in which my sister passed away and I was severely injured, I realized I lost my self confidence. When I went to public places such as the mall or school people would stare at my scars which made me feel uncomfortable and awkward. The school Administration had restricted me from a lot of classes. I wasn"t allowed to participate in gym due to the injuries sustained to my neck. Through a series of tests performed by doctors and psychiatrists at my school, the school administration concluded that I should be placed into easier classes such as the ones offered to students in Special Ed. This made me feel really bad, and the other students weren"t of much help either; they made fun of me every chance they got. Through all these challenging circumstances I learned self confidence.
             During my life, I always look up to my sisters. I looked up to them because they stood up for what they believed in and wouldn"t let anyone shake their confidence. My eldest sister wouldn"t let other people's comments bother her. She thought there were more important things in life to worry about then what other people had to say about her. However, if people's comments became too personal then she would correct them with her knowledge in a manner that would make them feel stupid. was a little different. She had a reputation for being tough and the ones that didn"t know better would learn quickly that her reputation was well deserved. People wouldn"t dare say anything about her. Not only did she protect herself in this manner, she also managed to look out for her friends. Everyone at school wanted to befriend her and she was very popular in school.
             Learning self confidence was no easy task but I owe most of it to my sister. She pointed out to me that my scars were there to stay and there wasn"t much I could do about it. started me out with a few dares. She would do ridiculous hair styles then dare me to go to school like that.

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