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popular culture censorship

             The United Stated of America stands and believes in the freedom of expression of all individuals that inhabit it. This statement is some times doubtful because of all of the censorships that are placed in music, cartoons and movies from now in days.
             Music now in days especially RAP is censured very strictly because of their lyrics, and by what their lyrics can promote. Its true rap artists now in days use a great deal of obscenities, violence and foul language in their lyrics that can create censorship. Many adults think that by having this kind of lyrics in their songs they can promote violence or hatred to other individuals. For example, if an individual performs a hate crime or any kind of violence, the blame should not be directed to the artist. The reason I feel this way is because the artist might promote the use of drugs, violence, sex, and hatred to other ethnicities in their lyrics, but it all comes down to how the individual thinks, acts and basically how capable he or she is in distinguishing right from wrong. Therefore, the artist should not be held accountable for the actions of their general public as well as the re-precautions that their actions might bring. .
             Animation or also known as cartoons are censured harshly for their violent themes. Yet, themes from cartoons now have not changed to a great extent from the cartoons that we think are good for our children. For instance, many people think that cartoons such as the Looney Toons are good for our children to view and that cartoons like Dragonball Z are not suitable for their children to view, therefore they should be censured. Why do people think that new cartoons should be censured and that old cartoons should not? Both of these animations have violence in their themes. They might say that new cartoons promote more violence in their children, but the truth is that in most cases if children show violent tendencies is because they were born like that and not because of the new age cartoons.