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Popular Music And Its Effect On Society

            Popular Music and its Effect on Today's Society.
             In today's society the teenager has more rights than ever before. Along with these rights come responsibility, independence and the development of good judgment. It is the belief of many people that all of the afore mentioned qualities are destroyed in the lives of teens due to popular music. Today, pop music remains one of the most controversial issues in modern society. Because adolescences are seen as being highly impressionable their negative actions are constantly being evaluated and traced back to sources of culture, and since pop music plays such a huge role in the lives of most teens, it is an easy target to place the blame. .
             The criticism of popular music begins with the "rock star". Many will argue that teens who are struggling to fit into society see rock stars as idols . One main reason that this occurs is because of the accessibility of what these rock stars are publishing. Think of all the things that teenagers have in front of them everyday; radio, television, clothing, billboard advertisements, etc. all of which are covered with popular musicians. Because of their tremendous presence, teens begin to perceive rock stars as extravagant people with no boundaries, limits or regulations. Teens then see themselves in the rock stars presentation of themselves and develop an obsession to conform. .
             This helps to pose the question of why teens are the most likely to get wrapped up in the pop music world. While there are millions of reasons, the main ones have to do with the fact that the teenage years are such a critical point of growing up. It is the first age in most people's lives where independence is theirs and this causes desperation for something new to be controlled by. Teens are most susceptible to manipulation by rock stars because most of these stars are still teenagers themselves, so they are easy to relate to. In fact, some bands are only related to by teens.

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