The Struggle of Immigrants in the U.S.A.

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Many immigrants come to the United States dreaming of finding opportunities, and living a successful life. In general, many who arrive here realize that these dreams will be very hard to wake up from. The reality is that life in the United States for immigrants is very, very tough. Many come educated, with degrees earned in their native countries; but soon realize that their education has little or no significance in the United States job market. Also, obstacles such as language and traditional values, including gender role, retard their adaptation of the newly-arrived culture. In this essay, I will emphasize on the importance of language in the adaptation process, and important aspects of gender role.

Language is a vital tool for means of communication. In addition, language is important for cultural and economic relationships. Language is a fundamental way of expressing thoughts, traditions, cultures and values. By living in the United States, we can say that we are blessed to have many different cultures and languages. This can be a great opportunity to learn about other cultures without having to leave our doorsteps.

In an advanced society like the United States, the knowledge of other languages becomes very importa

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