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Two Ways to Belong in America

            America is a vast country filled with opportunities for all walks of life, there is a place where anyone and everyone can belong. From being American born to immigrating in the later years of your life, it is not difficult to make America your home; if you really want to. As a child moving to America , and being around completely different peers I living two lives, and it felt impossible to enjoy both. It took mental fortitude to decide where I stood and what I stood for. However, I realized that I didn't need to chose one lifestyle, I could be part of both.
             In the article "Two Ways to Belong In America" we see how two very similar people adapt to America in completely different ways. Though sisters, Bharti and Mira have antithetic views on how to belong and live in America. Both sisters, born and raised in India, moved to America to study. Bharti married an American, became a writer and gained citizenship, while Mari married an Indian student, acquired a green card to work and live in America hassle free, and became nationally recognized for her contributions to pre-school education and parent- teacher relationships. Many immigrants, including myself at one point, agree completely with Mari in not wanting to leave their entire life behind, while others agree with Bharti and moving on and creating a new more meaningful life. As Vice President Gore's "Citizenship U.S.A" was revealed, the sisters found each other on opposite sides of the bill. Bharti as a citizen loves that long-term residents are getting citizenship, however Mira is a legal resident with a green card and wants to keep her Indian citizenship. Bharati explains how America has become her home and she has "married it" (Mukharjee, 46) and given up her entire Indian culture, however Mira who hasn't devoted herself to the country still feels a love for her birth country and doesn't want to abandon it.

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