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Job professions all over the world have certain organizations that enhance a professional's ability or knowledge of their specified field. Engineers, especially, benefit from these organizations. Ideas, current and future events, standards, and much more can be publicized in these organizations, whether it is through the internet or a weekly or monthly bulletin. Organizations that provide these services are not only a great benefit for engineers but are probably most seen in the engineering field than any of other fields. Transportation engineering has numerous types of these organizations. The American Society of Civil Engineers, the Transportation Research Board , the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Ohio Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, , and the Intelligent Transportation Society of America are some of the main organizations for transportation engineers.

The American Society of Civil Engineers, a professional organization representing more than 123,000 civil engineers, celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2002. When the twelve Founders gathered at the Croton Aqueduct on November 5, 1852, and agreed to incorporate the American Society of Civil Engineers and Architects, one c

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