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Industrial Revolution

             The statement "Necessity is the mother of invention" means if people .
             need something, for example a way too cook raw food or keep warm, then .
             they will invent fire. That is the way inventions are formed, through people's .
             needs. Throughout my essay I will prove this statement to be true.
             The Industrial Revolution was a period of change in the working .
             industry, which tool place from 1760 to 1850. The Revolution originated in .
             Britain. It began there because of the advantages that Britain offered. .
             Advantages such as coal and iron, it's rivers, natural harbors and it's fairly .
             good weather. Britain also provided plenty of workers for the potential labor .
             that was developing with the new industries. It was also invasion-free .
             throughout this time, which allowed this industrial period to happen without .
             interruption. .
             The Industrial Revolution was the change from a domestic system to .
             the mechanization of the textile industry (from hand to machine labor). New .
             machines and sources of power were needed so they were developed. Not .
             only was this change easier for the people who made the products but it was .
             also much faster.
             One of the first products of this mechanization of the textile industry .
             was the flying shuttle, invented by John Kay in 1733. The shuttle was a .
             machine used for spinning and weaving cloth. This weaver was made to .
             weave a wider piece of cloth quicker and easier. This invention produced .
             not only quickly weaved cloth but also a shortage of yarn. That brought .
             about the invention of James Hargreaves in 1768. He invented the spinning .
             jenny, which increased the amount of yarn that was being distributed. It .
             produced eight times as much thread as a single spinning wheel.
             Other inventions included; Cotton spinning (Sir Richard Arkwright), .
             in 1769. This invention included a water frame that increased the cotton .
             production by waterpower. This invention and others that followed would .
             soon develop the second industry which was the iron industry.

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