Rights & responsibilities

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In many societies, such as ours, where humans seek for freewill, justice, fairness and equality between individuals we have often brought up the issue of maintaining our personal rights. I doing so humans have invented various laws and rules to almost all aspects in life in which we must abide by. This concept applies anywhere from large societies such as countries to minute communities as small as our own families. However we must bear in mind that as our personal freedom increases, so do our responsibilites.

As leaders of the animal kingdom, human beings have the right to enjoy and make use of the valuable resources available in the environment. Because of our intelligence we are able to do many extraordinary things that other animals cannot. We have learned to do various things such as building our own homes with raw materials and burning crude oil as fuels extracted from our very own Mother Nature. Furthermore, we caused more destruction by the manufacturing of gigantic amounts of non recyclable junk in polluted factories, genetically mutating cattle for our own selfish purposes, as well as unnecessarily murdering large quantities of insects merely known as "pests" with over doses of toxic insecticides Sadly, however, this event

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