The mayan empire

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The Mayan's were a great civilization that is divided into three time periods which was nearly 3,000 years long. The first is the Pre-Classic Period spanning from 2000 B.C.-250 A.D. The second is the Classic Period which spanned from 250 A.D.-900 A.D. The third is the Post-Classic Period which spanned from 900 A.D.-1500 A.D. The Mayans lived in the eastern one third of what was called Mesoamerica, which is mainly the Yucatan Peninsula. They are a group of related Native American tribes who have the same linguistic organization. All groups of the maya have set many standards of living, and organization that are still used today and are yet to be surpassed.

The maya empire had many different groups that all covered an amazing amount of territory in their times of power. The best known group of Mayans was the Maya Proper. The Maya Proper was mainly found in the Yucatan. There are other groups of Maya such as the Huastec, who occupied northern Veracruz; the Tzental who occupied Tabasco and Chiapas and the Quiche; and the Cakchiquel that occupied the Highlands of Guatemala. Besides the Huastec, all of these groups occupied a continuous landscape and were all part of the huge Mayan culture. This culture was what is known as the g

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