men and women inequalities

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The world populations consist of men and women. The populations of women and men are equal. However, after a closer look, one will begin to notice that different genders occupy different areas as we can say it is gender gap. Gender gap not only distinguishes between men and women physically but also socially. One day when I was waiting for the teller in bank, in Indonesia, I realized that almost all of the employees are male. Where are all the females? Most of the women in Indonesia are housewives at home. Then I started thinking that women are treated unequally and this happen everywhere in the world. There is no different in the United States; gender differences can be found in work and occupation, society, and also education.

The most popular argument in gender gap happens in employments, work or occupation. Women are not treated that equal; for example men's salary are more than women. Women earn only seventy-three percent of men one hundred percent salary. In the average age of twenty-five years old working women will lose about $523,000 to unequal pay during her working life. Through these years, American government

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