the effect of globalisation

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levitt (1983) in discussing the globalisation of markets state that "We live in a rapid globalising world and certain national identifiers like taste, technology, market and finance are no longer constrained by national boundaries. They operate on a global basis. The defining features of globalisation are the interdependence and connectedness of the economics, politics and culture of nations and not uniformity of markets and taste of a single country  (Yong M, 1989)

Globalisation is fast spreading to all corners of the world through multinational organisations spreading their business due to expansion to seek new opportunities in under developed markets. Well this is very noticeable in all sectors or industry of the Nigeria economy oil industry, aviation industry, education, health, manufacturing, information technology and to mention a few the banking industries. But for the purpose of this dissertation we will focus on the effect of globalisation to the banking sector. The development has it being very helpful or not. Like every other sector globalisation has its benefits and t

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