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"Hook  is a short story by Walter Van Tilburg Clark. Hook is about a hawk named Hook, and is left as a child by its parents to survive all by him self. The author divides the story into sections to show the similarity between Hook's life and the different life stages of a human's life. In each section of the story, Hook matures to another stage in his life just as a human would. Hook needs his "hungers  which are flight, food, and mating to survive.

Hook's life cycle is related to a human's life, it is in a circle. He was born, and learned how to survive by flying, finding food, and mating. Then, Hook progresses by being able to do more things by him self and can do things much easier. This is also related with humans because as humans grow older they become more independent and don't need there parents as much. Later on, Hook is shot and wounded and has trouble finding food, like he did when he was first born. As well with h

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