Dill: To Kill a Mockingbird

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Dill, also known as Charles Baker Harris, gives To Kill a Mockingbird a contrast between Jem and Scout. Dill's family life is dramatically different than the Finch children, where as Jem and Scout have a father who loves and cares for them. Dill, on the other hand, has a mother who doesn't need to be bothered with him in Meridian, Mississippi and ships him off to his Aunt Rachel's in Maycomb every summer. The Finch family is much older and traditional than Dill's broken family. Dill even runs away from home, because he feels his mother and stepfather don't care about him.

Dill has blue eyes and white-blond hair. His tone is ironically cynical and worldly for a child, like when he says, "I told her till I was blue in the face where I was goin'-she's just seein' too many snakes in the closet. Bet that woman drinks a pint for breakfast every morning-know she drinks two glasse

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