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I thought the Mexicans just migrated to the U.S. because their government was bad to them. And then I found out that they moved to the U.S. because of water and jobs and better resources. It's pretty hard for them (us) because they have to change their culture, the way they've lived before to the new style of living. The whole immigration process. All the things they have to do to become U.S. citizens.

Migration has been a defining feature of the Mexico-US relationship for most of the 20 th century, but legal immigration remained low until recently. About 36 percent of 20 th century Mexican immigrants arrived in the 1990s, and 34 percent of the apprehensions of unauthorized Mexicans were in the 1990s (table 1). Over the past century, Mexican migrants were negatively selected: those who left Mexico usually had less education and fewer skills than the average Mexican, and most of the Mexicans who arrived had their first US jobs in seasonal agriculture (Martin 1993).

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