Ecological Imperialism

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Ecological Imperialism , written by Alfred W. Crosby, is a study in the science of ecological history, which attempts to find out what caused the environmental consequences of history. Crosby's main point in this book is that it was more the Old World diseases, animals, and plants that kept non-European people from resisting against Western colonialism than it was the European military power. Therefore, the defeat of the American Indian nations was as much a biological conquest for Europe as it was a military and cultural conquest.

Although European weapons, cavalry charges, soldiers dressed in armor, and the raging beasts (horses), played a huge role in the history of Stone Age warriors, the introduction of animals and new grains was just as important to the Neolithic Revolution. It also played a bigger importance in the defeat of the New World. Another significant occurrence that has to be mentioned in the imperialist conquest is the devastating effects of foreign diseases on the bodies and re

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