anna's story

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"Anna's Story  is a non-fiction expository text written by Bronwyn Donaghy. Donaghy's deliberate use of language and selection of detail have combined to convey specific attitudes about teenagers and drugs. The way these are conveyed is also aided by the use of structure, point of view, quotes and bias. In this text we are given facts about drugs as well as the story of Anna's life and what caused the early end to it. Donaghy is trying to convince us that it was not Anna's fault she died, but that it was the drugs. The book starts with forward which is by David Bennett; he is the head of Adolescent Medicine at a hospital in New South Wales. He talks about how he is moved by the story. This is included because he is a doctor and because he sees so much suffering and bad things in his line off work. It talks about how he is moved by what has happened, this is supposed to make us think that we too should feel some sort of sorrow for Anna Wood because he would not be moved by something that wasn't very sad. The letter from Kate Ceberano is put in so that we see that someone popular (a teen idol) is giving up her time to include a message about drugs being bad. We are supposed to look up to he

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