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bugermeisters daughter

             Actual historical events, such as the scandal and subsequent litigation revolving around Anna Buschler which Steven Ozment detail's in the Burgermeisters Daughter, suggests something of law and morality in the 16th century in Germany. It is easy to say that life in the sixteenth century was surely not easy for women but at least they had some rights. Anna was the daughter of Hermann Buschler, a prominent citizen who had even been the burgermeister of the German town of Schwabisch within the Holy Roman Empire. When she was young, Anna had simultaneous affairs with a young man, Erasmus Schenk of Limpurg, and a man named Daniel Treutwein. Anna's father was so upset when he discovered these affairs that he deprived her her inheritance. Anna a scandalized woman, fought in the Hall legal system, and she eventually won back some of her inheritance. Anna's story suggests a rather empowered woman, largely thanks to a German laws, which made women's basic rights, and kept men from treating them like garbage. Anna had faced many difficulties, particularly the fact that as a single woman, she needed a male to represent her in court. Had she been a professional woman with skills, Anna would have received "proper legal status", evidence of some amount of equal rights between male and female. The story of Anna's battle for her inheritance shows a great deal about women's rights. Anna, known for the affairs that she had, initially lost her case. Instead of accepting this ruling, she then sued the city of Hall. Eventually, public opinion turned against the once highly liked Herman Buschler for the way he treated Anna, and he ultimately lost his position as burgermeister . Anna's story shows that women did have some rights, and that they also had, at least in this case, the ability to defend those rights within legal institutions. Even more important is evidence of public opinion, instead of siding against Anna as an unfit daughter causing trouble for her family Hall's citizens actually sided with Anna against her father.

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