Art of eating spaghetti

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In his essay "The Art of Eating Spaghetti,  Russell Baker shows how he once believed that it was a very unlikely possibility for someone to become a writer right out of high school and make an honest living at it. He tells about how much of a bore English courses were and how dull grammar was (36). When he went on into his third year of English I having Mr. Fleagle, he knew it was going to be another dull year. Later that year Mr. Fleagle handed out a choice of topics for an informal essay, and one caught his eye (37). He began to think of an experience that he once had sitting around the supper table with his family, he "recalled the laughing arguments he had about the socially respectable way for moving spaghetti from plate to mouth , and he began to write (37-38). He wrote from his heart and got passed the restrictions set by all the outlines and writing systems. A few days later, Mr. Fleagle read his essay out loud to the class, and they enjoyed it. He then realized that his possibility of becoming a writer was just a little bit close to r

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