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Mass Media

            The mass media is pervasive in our everyday lives; consumers are constantly surrounded with information through various media vehicles, such as television. Television commercials integrate the use of art and technology to create simulations, stories, in an effort to evoke desired reactions from audiences. Through a bombardment of television commercials featuring popular designer logos and packaging, the general public feels compelled to buy brand merchandise. Using composed images, music jingles, superimposed graphics, narration and other elements, a worthy commercial is able to reinforce the company's product in consumers' minds. .
             Commercials are generally grouped according to a television program's general viewing audience. The first program watched was The View, a syndicated morning talk show throughout the country, viewed on New York's ABC affiliate (Channel 7) on Monday, November 8, at 11:30 am. The demographics of The View are typically women between the ages of 25-70 years old. Most of the viewers are married, stay at home mothers with children (housewives) or mothers with part-time work, and elderly women and men who are retired. Many of the advertisements run during the program were geared towards one of the previous demographic segments listed. The following commercials were targeted to The View's older audience, men and women between the ages of 45-70, who concerns about their health and safety.
             *Advertiser and spot: "Healthy Woman" Soy Supplement for Menopausal women, by Monistat. Woman in mid to late 40's walking on outside porch talking about product.
             *Appeal: Emotional, issues of health and safety.
             *Execution: Factual message, Slice of life (every woman goes through the stages of menopause).
             *Advertiser and spot: United American Insurance, Elderly man talking with his wife on the porch about their medical expenses and the benefit of United American's Medicare Supplement Policy.

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