Is Britney Too Sexy?

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Britney Spears is the teen pop princess and probably the most powerful influence on the children of today's society. Her barely-there wardrobe, the implants, her spicy lyrics and her "girl-next-door  façade are the cause of an abundant amount of controversy. Britney has been the limelight ever since the age of eleven, when she was given a place on Disney's ˜Mickey Mouse Club'. Ever since, there has been no looking back. After signing with Jive Records, Britney's music career was sent soaring after she attracted the worldwide attention from her first single and album after the same name, " ¦Baby One More Time . This hit album was followed soon after by two more; "Oops?! I Did It Again  and "Britney . She has accomplished so many of her goals since her stardom began and many people admire her for that. Through out this long period of stardom, Britney Spears has gradually changed her image from the "girl-next-door  to an "erotic-sex-vixen . Most people would agree that without change, life would be boring. Every normal human being changes a lot throughout their lifetime so what is wrong with Britney Sp

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