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The Economy of Britney Spears

             For the last five years, she has continued to shock America with her overt sexuality and will continue to do so for years to come. In such a short time span, she quickly grew from a run-of-the-mill solo singer to owning a muliti-million dollar empire and being the spokesman for huge brand names such as Pepsi and Loreal. How has she earned so much money in such a short time? One might say that she is simply in constant demand, purely because she comes across as sweet and sexy at the same time, but it is so much more than that. She has used her popularity to become, according to Forbes Magazine, the single most powerful PERSON in America. But, realistically, how has she gone from a small town, unsophisticated southern belle, to an incredibly powerful performer and entrepreneur? And how has she combined the roles of performer and entrepreneur into one? Welcome to the Britney Spears empire.
             Always wanting to be in the spotlight, her mother started her off very early. She tried out for EVERY talent show in her hometown, Kentwood, Louisiana, and tried her best to find someone who would become her talent agent for limited funds. Her family was very poor, and could not afford much, nevertheless she and her mother rented an apartment in New York City where she was an understudy for a then unknown Natalie Portman in an off-broadway play titled "Ruthless" She eventually quit the gig, however, when her and her mother, Lynn, came to the realization that she was being overworked for a seven-year-old. She went back to Kentwood, performing in local shows and becoming the sweetheart of the town.
             Her agent then discovered that there was a casting call for members of the new Mickey Mouse Club in Orlando. Britney and Lynn flew down to Orlando in 1991 to audition for the job. She blew the casting directors away, but to her dismay was told she was too young for a role. She went back home, once again empty handed with huge dissapointment riding on her.

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