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            The warrior code in Beowulf emphasizes on fame, material gain, and conquest. Although the world has evolved and society has changed, the warrior code still applies today. The warrior code in Beowulf was depicted through men risking their lives in hope that their name would live on after their death. Beowulf's warrior code is portrayed today through society's pop culture and media.
             In today's society fame is gained through the media and in pop culture while people in Beowulf received their fame by protecting their people and fighting monsters. Today people gain their fame through being wealthy, appearing in Hollywood, or doing things shunned on by society. Britney Spears is a pop culture icon, who tries to gain as much fame as she can. With her provocative clothing, her "B" necklace and the kiss with Madonna, sexual music and dancing, she is famous. Monica Lewinski is another name who appears in the famous list. She became famous through the media coverage on her affair with President Bill Clinton. She revealed her affair with Clinton simply to appear on the front page of the newspaper. Although she has the title of a slut, she made herself notorious and infamous. Fame is no longer given to heroes who risk their lives fighting for the good of the people, and instead is given to those who appear in Hollywood, make the most money, and appear in the media. .
             In both Beowulf and in our world today, with fame comes material gain. Today material gain is portrayed through magazines, the MTV show Cribs, famous movie stars with expensive homes, cars, and designer clothes. Our society's economy revolves around people's desire for material gain. Commercials are made to stimulate the public's brain to want the product and to have more worthless gadgets. Cribs is a television show which shows the houses and cars of famous people in Hollywood. The point of the show is to portray how much money these stars have and to make the viewers want to be in their position.

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