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             In the 8th century people were looked at by their character. Each person had important traits, which were very important traits that were admired back then. Some of these traits that were intelligible, they also had to be very honorable and do things fair. The warriors also like men who were committed to what they did and that they had to be hard working. Bravery was a big one, the warriors had to be brave, because of all the dragons and other beast's they fought, and they all needed the bravery to go and fight and slay the beasts and monsters they fought. Beowulf also had strength as another trait. He had the strength of thirty men. One of the biggest traits was loyalty. Beowulf was also a very loyal man. He always kept his word to the kings and men.
             Here is an example of Beowulf's bravery. "I swam in the blackness of night, hunting monsters out of the ocean, and killing them one by one; death was my errand and fate they have earned. Now Grendel and I are called together, and I've come."(36) Beowulf is saying in this quote that he can beat anyone. He also says he has had victories over other monsters before, and now that he is there with Grendel, he will be another conquer. Beowulf was a very brave warrior. He took on Grendel, Grendel's mother and lays the finishing touches on the last dragon he came across. Without the bravery that he had, he wouldn't even have fought these monsters. He also fought these monsters all by himself, and by his bare hands.
             "Suddenly the sounds changed, the Danes started in new terror, cowering in their beds as the terrible screams of the almighty enemy sang in the darkness, the horrible screams of pain and defeat, the tears torn out of Grendel's taught throat, hell's captive caught in the arms of him who all of me on earth was the strongest."(47-48) Beowulf was also a very strong man. He has the strength of thirty men. Beowulf has killed many monsters and other sea creatures with his bare hands and just with his strength.

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