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             Essay by Denny "The Yellow Dart" Fulton.
             In the next four paragraphs will prove that Beowulf has the qualities of an epic .
             hero. Beowulf, a strong leader, a man with a great deal of deeds under his belt, seeking .
             revenge for lives lost. These things show the sings of an epic hero.
             Fighting monsters, killing demons, both necessary of an epic hero. This essay will .
             show Beowulf's saga as a hero. "Your Beowulf, are you- the same who boastful fool who .
             fought a swimming match with Brecca both of you daring and young and proud, exploring .
             the deepest Seas, risking your lives for no reason but the danger?" Here Unferth speaks to .
             Beowulf to ask if he was the super strong brave warrior who challenged Brecca to a .
             swimming match. But Unferth unaware that Beowulf and Brecca swam for five days. (Not .
             to mention that Beowulf had a sword and heavy chain mail on!) On the fifth day Beowulf, .
             nearly killed by a monster, if not for his sturdy chain mail. Beowulf than slays the monster .
             of the ocean deep with a lucky swing from his sword. Wow he accomplished all that with .
             out being called an epic hero yet. " Beowulf carries Grendel's head to the king .
             Hrothgar." Beowulf kills the man-eating monster that killed a lot of Hrothgar men not .
             only that but kills the monster Grendel's mother all single handedly. Showing that Beowulf .
             has now another reason for the role of an epic hero.
             "Fifty winters pass, Beowulf, now an old man, faces his final task:"(that was not .
             my Quote). " Together Beowulf and the young Miglaf kill the dragon, but the old king .
             (Beowulf) is fatally wounded." Beowulf's sword and shield failed him by melting (the .
             shield) and breaking (his sword). The intimidating dragon makes all but one of Beowulf's .
             men flea. The epic battle roars on with it ending with Beowulf and Miglaf killing the .
             dragon. The hero killed to his limit and can no long wield his sword but triumphs once .
             again like the phoenix rising out of the ashes one last time.

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